Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bottom Half Christmas Tree

I'm really excited to write this post, I know it is a little late but my friend just sent the pictures. This is the story of the Bottom Half Christmas Tree.

December 21st night.... I see a friend post on facebook "free Christmas trees on Steiner and Grove." Even though I had no intention of getting a Christmas tree, this post sparked an interest and I set my alarm for six the next morning. I rushed to get ready, hopped in my car and drove to where the free Christmas trees were supposed to be. To my surprise, there were hundreds of beautiful Christmas trees laying on the side walk. I wanted to take one so bad, but they were all 7 or 8 feet trees, and I had no way of dragging that size tree to my car or even worse I had no way of  getting that large of a Christmas tree into my little car. I dug through all these trees searching for a little Charlie Brown tree, I dug and dug but with no such luck. Then I saw it, a tree way smaller than the rest. Perfect! A tree I could carry! And just as fast as I got excited, I got disappointed, this wasn't just a little tree but rather just the bottom half a tree, a tree someone had chopped in half and kept the top half. At this point I started to get panicky, I had about five minutes to get to work, what was I going to do? I grabbed the tree tossed it in my car and drove to work. All I could think about at work was the little (but very stout) bottom half Christmas tree sitting in my car.

When I finally got off work, I picked my friend Liz up, grabbed some food, borrowed a saw and headed home for a night of pruning, ornament making and decorating. For about an hour Liz and I sawed and sawed this bottom half Christmas tree in attempt to give it shape to look like a real tree. Finally we were satisfied.

After pruning the tree...
Dirty hands along with BHCT

We set up the Bottom Half Tree and added some lights.

But sadly, it looked just like a tree missing it's top half. At this point we were in brainstorming mode, we needed a topper that would follow the form of the Christmas tree but we also needed to start crafting some ornaments. We popped open a bottle of champagne and started some intense ornament making and tree decorating. 

 Paper Source crafts = great ornaments

Bottom Half Tree and I 

elf paper ornament.

We made lots of elf ornaments, snowflake garland and most importantly a giant snowflake for the top! At some point through the evening my friends Grant and Patrick showed up to help in the decorating  festivities.

admiring our work 
ornaments, tinsel, garland oh my!

having fun with the tinsel
the only ornament I bought this year

So happy with the Bottom Half Tree
TA DA! bottom half christmas tree
My favorite part of the story is that I was able to reuse something from nature. I'm so glad I was able to  make something beautiful out of someone else's leftover.  Most people wouldn't take a Bottom Half Christmas tree but I couldn't be any happier with mine. 

Thanks Liz, Grant and PK for making such a great and memorable evening for me. 

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  1. Super adorable little tree and story. I love how you named it BHCT :)