Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who, who, who loves you? Valentine

Since I knew that school was starting back up and my free time would go from hardly any to none, I started my valentines a little early. We got these Valentines at my work and I absolutely fell in love with them. 
I don't think that any valentine could fit me more to a T than these retro looking cards. These are made by a company called Cavallini, a San Francisco based company that makes great vintage paper inspired products. 

I had purchased these doilies awhile back when I was going to turn my Christmas tree into a Valentines Day tree (yes my tree was still up a few weeks ago, yes my Christmas tree is still up today January 23rd.) Instead of spending the money on the gorgeous Cavallinis, I decided I was going to DIY with these doilies and make Owl Valentines. 

I outlined their eyes, mouth and heart-shaped belly. I glued black card stock behind their eyes to make pupils and then glued the doily onto tissue paper. I cut out owl body shapes on different colored card stock and added little tissue paper feet. And this is what I got....

Who, who, who loves you? Owl always love you!

I am beyond happy with how these little owls turned out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

 What type of Valentines are you going to send out this year?

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  1. Love those owls you made. I would have never thought of doing that. So cute!