Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brody Bear's Bear

My nephew turns two next week and I wanted to make him a little something, since his parents refer to him as "Brody Bear" I thought a little bear was appropriate. I also love circus themes, so here is what I came up with.

This is my first piece of "art" that I have ever given out and I'm pretty nervous about. I think that it is a pretty cute illustration and hope others will think so as well. Tell me what you think.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

desperate for sweets

Today was one of those days...... it was pouring down rain, freezing and windy. I left my rain boots at work so of course my shoes and socks were soaking wet all day.  I had class but as soon as school ended, I just wanted to be home. I came home and made some yummy thin crust pizza and then wasted the next three hours on the Internet. Yes, that's right I wasted three whole hours doing who knows what and spying on who knows who. After all of my Internet stalking, I wanted something sweet (seeing as I'm not a sweet person, I have nothing sweet in the apartment to eat. I want cookies. I need cookies. All I could find was some leftover mix for ginger bread, I had no eggs, no vegetable oil and no butter. This is where not being picky and being able to improvise come it handy. I didn't have any ingredients to make traditional cookies but I did have some pear sauce (like apple sauce but with pears) and olive oil. The first makes sense seeing as apple sauce can be used in lots of recipes, olive oil was really stretching it but since I was making ginger cookies, I hoped the savory taste could be masked. And this is what i got.....

probably not a Mrs. Fields cookie, but for me, it for sure hit the spot.

I'm also the girl who's been out of soy milk for past couple of days and as a result haven't been able to have cereal in the morning. What do I do instead? I heat up a tortilla and put peanut butter and jelly on it. I love being the type of person who isn't really picky and can always find a way to make something in my cupboards or fridge work.

Tomorrow will be a new story, I'm now out of tortillas.

What things have you done in desperation?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First painting...

I've been into art on and off my whole life. I was really hooked for about the first 12 years of it, until I made the unfortunate choice to focus on playing volleyball (I was terrible at it.) It wasn't until I was 19 or so that I started taking art classes again, but was quickly intimated and quit. Just this past year I have started taking art classes again. I love art classes but I've really struggled feeling I may just not ever be a good artist. Yet for once in my life, I'm pushing forward and am trying really hard to understand that I am just a beginner, and as with anything I am going to have to practice.  I've recently gone on a facebook ban and am using that time to try and do more creative things and also draw every night.

For my nephew's second birthday I wanted to paint him a little illustration of a bear. It will be my first ever completed painting. The past couple days I have been brainstorming and sketching and came up with a cute little cartoon bear but wasn't satisfied. Last night I sketched out a few more bears and then it came to me, I knew exactly what I wanted the theme to be. Even though I had lots of homework today I hard to start on my painting. Here it is in very rough form.

It's got quite a bit of painting to go, but I'm pretty happy with the circus/birthday bear.