Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lino cuts and life...

Even though this lino cut has a long way to go, I thought I would share it with you. It is for my first project in my fine arts print making class. The assignment is to make a bookplate. Eventually my bookplate will have "from the library of Lindsey" on it (as it is required in the assignment.) This was just hand printed with relief ink to give me an idea of wear my carving in the linoleum was taking me. It is not as clean as I would like but for a complete newbie, I am pretty content with it.
Of course I'm going to make the face more defined and have already cleaned up a lot of the lines on it. I might actually make a new lino cut of the whole image for when we start printing on the presses. I was thinking that I might just frame this original print though, because I always think it's good to see where you started and where you've gone. 

I made a stop  at Amoeba records this weekend to pick up a few cds and dvds. New music (or at least new to me) worth mentioning:
1. Jenny and Johnny - I'm Having Fun Now
2. Neil Young- Harvest
3. Carter Family- Can The Circle Be Unbroken 

Also I am on a facebook breakup. I let someone I know change the password to my account so I wouldn't be able to waste the countless hours on it that I have. I told the person I wasn't allowed back on for a month, but now that I have gone a week, I'd really like to delete my account. Facebook has become an unhealthy obsession with me, I truly feel I am in a relationship with it. I love spying on people and later feeling down about myself because of it. Why? why would a person torture his/her self like this ? I don't know and that is why I'm breaking up with FB. I live in a great city and I need to enjoy it more 

This photo was taken from my iphone (yes this photo is real) on my way to class last week. So for at least the next month (and hopefully longer) I will be crafting, painting, running, laughing, blogging and living more. 

Have a nice night. 

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