Monday, January 24, 2011

Felt Owl and future felt sea creatures projects.

I made this felt owl awhile back and really enjoyed making him. Little projects like this are fun because you can take them to work with you and where ever else you might go. My best friend is pregnant right now and due in the beginning of the summer. I really want to make her a mobile. I asked her what theme she would like for her baby gift (but didn't tell her what I was planning) and she said sea creatures. I was hoping that she would pick forest animals but am thankful to be forced onto something new. So in the coming weeks be prepared for felt sea creatures blog updates.

Also, does anyone have any good felt creation inspirations that they would like to share or advice?

Does anyone else get super nervous to make crafts for other people? I can make things for myself but when it is for someone else I feel my work is not good enough?


  1. I don't have any ideas on felt. Never made anything with it. But i totally understand what you mean about making stuff for other people. I made one of those black apple dolls for a little's girls birthday last weekend and I thought I did a crappy job. I just think when we make stuff and put in so much time we hope that the person getting that craft will appreciate it.

  2. i feel like that too sometimes. I love your wee owl!! its so cute!! Practice practice practice until you are comfortable with your standard. I wouldnt be comfy sending anyone my machine sewn stuff but crochet items and hand sewn items im happy enough with!

  3. Aw he's so cute! I don't have any helpful advice about felt or sea creatures I'm afraid, but look forward to seeing what you come up with! Thank you very much for following my blog! It's appreciated! :)