Friday, September 24, 2010

Two years of San Francisco

I am coming up on (or just recently passed) my two year mark in the bay area. Although I am always saying I want to move to New York, Seattle or Chicago, I really do love this city. There is so much to do and see here and best of all so much good food to be eaten. As you might know, I like to take pictures of everything I do or eat. So here I present to you my favorites of San Francisco in photos, some might be cheesey touristy places and others are filled with locals but together they make up my favorite places in San Francisco.

Favorite place to spot ducklings- Golden Gate Park

Favorite bar- Elbo Room

Favorite Garlic Festival- Gilroy Garlic Festival (favorite food there-garlic bread)

Favorite flower vendor- corner of Stockton and Geary

Favorite plantain burrito (or favorite burrito of my whole life)- Little Chihuahua aka Lil' Chi

Favorite piano player who plays modern songs- Piano man at Madrone on Friday nights.

Favorite Margarita Monday joint- Puerto alegre

Favorite Taffy supplier- Pier 39
Favorite tea party- hosted by Erin Fong

Favorite almond croissant bakery-Tartine


  1. Is there any other garlic festival that you know of? Lol.

  2. Seriously, all this food is making me hungry. Maybe I should move there.

  3. yes, Rick in fact I know of four other garlic festivals.

    Heather- I wish you would, I would love to see your pregnant little self.