Sunday, September 26, 2010

Half or Full

 One thing I would really like to do in my life is run a full marathon. I talk about running a marathon at least a couple of times a year and start to train but always end up quitting. I wrote a list of goals that  I'd like to accomplish in 2010 awhile back and one of them was to run a full marathon. The San Francisco marathon came and went and now my only hope left is the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon. I've started training once again and went to sign up for the marathon today but struggled when it came to deciding what marathon to sign up for. I know with a little training I can run a half marathon with no problem, but will I be able to complete a whole 26.2 mile marathon? Where's the ummm... I'm not sure so I'm going to sign up for the full marathon but can quit at 13 miles and still get a medal for finishing the half marathon option.  I already work full time and am in two classes, so my schedule is already a little full but if I could just give up an hour a day of wasted social networking time, I could do this. If anyone has any advice in which route I should go (half or full) please let me know.
in my morning run gear
what morning runs in golden gate park look like

foggy run


  1. This is a hard choice, but I would say go with the half first. I've done two halfs and they are so much fun. You get a feel of what they are about. You sound super busy so training for a half wouldn't be too much to add to your schedule.
    As for the full, I would just wait until you've done a half first so you know what works best and what you can do to prepare for the full. You know, what type of gu/blocks to take and stuff.
    My friend that is doing the St. George Marathon next week has 4 kids and has to wake up @ 4am every morning just to make sure she gets the training in. She said that the hardest thing was to run her long 20 mile run this past saturday because it took up so much of her morning.
    I know you can do a full if you train, but since you are busy with work/school I would try a half first and then go from there. Good luck!

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you, if you do decide to do the half I have a training program that I used that I can email to you. It takes about 12 weeks to really be ready, but since you have kept running up you can modify it a bit and do speed workouts to increase your time. :) Let me know.

  3. Thanks Heather. I agree with you totally. A half would be so much better for my schedule and for my body. Yet for some stupid reason my pride is going to be hurt if I don't do the full marathon. I'm pretty positive I'm going to sign up for the half though and then the next one I do could be a full. Maybe once my shin splints and knee problems come back in full gear I won't feel so bad about it. I would love the training schedule

  4. That foggy run makes me jealous. I'd trade your fog for my dry heat anyday of the week!

    I say do it. You can totally do it. If I'm still in vegas for the rock and roll, maybe I'll sign up too!!! The LA rock and roll is in october and I havn't even gotten past 5 miles in my training. I'm a slacker too.

    You look cute in your running gear!

  5. Thanks Chelsea. I don't mind the fog at all,in fact I think it's almost a little magical. That would be awesome if you did the LV Rock and Roll one too. See you soon!!! (I'm glad to be able to say that)